All logs for the Iowa W1AW/0 operation have been loaded to LoTW.  Questions regarding busted QSOs can be directed to 100qsoparty@arrl.org




It's obvious that this page is a very long work in progress. I would love to have it nice and pretty, and make it do a lot of cool tricks, but I just don't yet have that kind of time. Eventually, I hope to add station descriptions and such. but that might take awhile, since I still have half of it ripped apart!

If you were to build a contest station from the ground up, for example Craig K9CT, you would do it a lot different than if you had been building it over the course of 30+ years. There is generation upon generation of different levels of technology, much of which has become redundant, has been replaced by something newer, or simply hasn't worked since the Reagan Administration. As time goes by, I am ripping out a lot of old unused wires, simplifying, modernizing, and cleaning things up. I'm happy to have a full array of beverages up and running for the season, and I have MANY other antenna plans coming up, too. In addition, many of these antennas have been up for 25 years or longer, and they are in need of reconditioning. Cleaning up oxidized aluminum, and replacing water logged coax is happening a lot here. That is going to take time to work through. Eventually, I wish to have the station open to guest operators for DX and contests as needed.



de NR0X


Jason NR0X


6 Meter beacon is online

I have a 6 meter beacon running on 50.070.5 and I will be watching for spots as an indication of whether to try and work some 6 meter contacts. The beacon is 15 watts into a horizontal loop at 30 feet. If you hear it, spot it for me, and we will try and get some 6 meter contacts!